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Personal Finance Made Simple

It’s no secret that my first big client was New York Times’ Best-Selling author Ramit Sethi. One of the most powerful lessons I learned from Ramit (and there were many) is the power of automation when it comes to finances. Here’s how it works:  

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Accounting and Taxes for Freelancers

Remember in middle school when your teachers attempted to make not smoking, safe sex, and avoiding drugs cool and hip by “trying to speak the language” That’s how I feel when I write about taxes and financial accounting. “No guys, seriously, protection is cool! Your business will still feel just as good! SERIOUSLY, do you…

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7 Phrases to Use When You Mess Up

Clay Hebert and Joey Coleman call it The “Carpe Defect” moment. This is the moment in our business where we’ve messed up. Missed a deadline. Let something slip through the cracks. Pissed off the client. It’s here we have one of two results: Destroy the client relationship. OR Use the opportunity to make the relationship…

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