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Get more referrals with a Clean Playroom

When I was 12, my momma gave me advice that made me rich (richer than your average teenager anyway). I still follow that advice today and so can you to get more (and more enthusiastic!) referrals. Thanks, mom!   And, a pretty graphic to go along with it:

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Get raving testimonials with great outboarding

A while back, I set a goal to get better testimonials from clients. I had very few “working” testimonials, i.e. ones that I could publish on my website. So here’s what I did: First, I just emails clients asking if they had anything they wanted to share. 0% response rate on that. Note, that during…

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Gift ideas for clients

A great way to close out a project on a high note is to send your client a thank you gift. This can range from a $10 gift card to dinner reservations, all the way up to a higher-end gift for large projects. In the video below, Abbey walks you through her process for discovering…

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